Technology Update

Healthcare delivery is changing drastically. Demographics, technology, economics, societal forces, and many other factors are prompting the industry’s transformation as we begin 2016 and beyond. Although change is always a bit jarring, sometimes it actually makes sense. Here are 8 emerging trends that are changing healthcare for the better. Read More ›

Remember the good old days? I do, and not everything was that good. When I started post-college work, I had no calculator, no personal computer with Excel or word-processing software, no fax machine, no internet access, and no smartphone. I love technology, so I have been amazed by and embraced advances that have come along as the years have passed.

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For the past 4 years, various entities, large and small, have struggled to address the question of guidelines and pathways in oncology. Read More ›

Managing a hospital-based cancer center is a complex task and it is all too easy to become consumed putting out the daily fires, losing sight of the larger responsibility of maintaining an efficient and financially viable service line. Read More ›

As cancer prevalence continues to rise in the United States, demand increases for highly coordinated oncology networks that provide the best possible patient care closest to home. Read More ›