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A recent retrospective study of 114 patients with hypogonadism has led to the conclusion that men with this condition should be screened with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) for low bone mineral density (BMD). Read More ›

Based on group preferences and state laws, rheumatology physicians may or may not write narcotic prescriptions for patients as part of chronic pain management. In Eastern North Carolina, primary care providers seldom write such prescriptions, and outside of pain management clinics, patients have limited options for pain control. Because of this, the 3 physicians in our practice prescribe narcotics for patients who we feel need long-term arthritis pain control. We have a protocol to manage these prescriptions that is in compliance with the North Carolina Medical Board. Read More ›

Testosterone is commonly prescribed for men suffering from hypogonadism. While most men produce testosterone naturally, their production often declines with age, leading to symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, and reduced sex drive. Read More ›

As oncology care managers, we are in a constant struggle to prove our value to our employers. The industry generally admires and values the role we play as part of the patient care model, yet employers are startled when we request worthwhile compensation. Read More ›

Physicians, meet another version of the alphabet insurance plan that is structured to reimburse you even less for your services. Read More ›

Several prominent physicians are pushing to increase physician awareness of cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Read More ›

At the American Urological Association’s annual meeting, Jamie Verkamp, Managing Partner and Chief Speaking Officer at (e)Merge, Kansas City, Missouri, noted that problems within organizations occur when leadership and the teams under them fail to work as cohesive units, particularly when leadership is unfit or unprepared for the job. She warned that even the right person in the wrong role can become a management pitfall, and one in which the office environment ceases to be productive. The current changes in healthcare provide challenges to organizations and require teamwork to prevent a derailer. Read More ›

Oral chemotherapy presents unique issues, including safety and toxicity, and advance planning is essential. Read More ›

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