Employers’ Perspective

Managing any type of business is tough. You must be organized, efficient, able to keep things running smoothly, and good at making sure a variety of personalities feel like they are staying on track. Managing a medical practice is even harder; you must do all the above, while also serving patients who are dealing with their own issues and concerns. Read More ›

5 Tips for Hiring a New Physician
Hiring a new physician is a huge undertaking that has a lasting impact on your practice. Finding exceptional candidates who make patient safety and satisfaction a top priority benefits both your patients and your practice, because physicians who enhance your reputation are vital to long-term success. Read More ›

The term telehealth is used interchangeably with telemedicine by some organizations. However, telemedicine is typically associated with the delivery of traditional clinical diagnosis and monitoring by using some form of medical technology, whereas telehealth has a much broader definition that comprises education, disease awareness, and wellness, in addition to the use of technology to connect physicians to patients. Read More ›

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