Oncology Practice Management - October 2013, Vol 3, No 6

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In New England, October is prime leaf season. I was looking forward to that when I recently relocated to Connecticut from Florida, jumping back into consulting full bore. The first headline from the Hartford Business Journal that greeted me on my return was “United Healthcare drops thousands of CT Medicare Advantage docs.” Read More ›

A colleague of mine has been part of a well-known practice management/ electronic medical record (EMR) company’s software support team for 10 years. She often tries to steer people to me when she cannot solve a client’s problems with a software solution. Read More ›

One of the most vital roles of the oncology practice manager and financial assistance staff is managing patient affordability issues for oncologic therapies. Read More ›

The December 31 deadline is rapidly approaching for the repeal of Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula and avoiding an automatic 24.4% across-the-board reduction in physician payments in 2014. Read More ›

At the Association of Com­munity Cancer Centers (ACCC) 30th National Oncology Conference, which was held October 2-5, 2013, in Boston before an audience of more than 500 cancer care providers from across the country... Read More ›

As oncology practice managers assume higher levels of assistance to the medical oncology staff, it becomes critically important to stay abreast of the latest news and updates concerning the drug agents used in cancer treatment. Read More ›

The following sections will assist healthcare professionals and payers by providing appropriate coding and billing information associated with the treatment of breast cancer. Read More ›

Continually a barrier to future planning, the annual threat of cuts to Medicare reimbursement in the range of 25% to 30% may be on the way out. Read More ›

Here are a few of the upcoming events that every practice manager should put on his or her calendar. Read More ›

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