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Rheumatology Practice Management April 2018 Vol 6 No 2

Making the Most  of Your NORM Membership

Our news blog is comprised of several categories, including Healthy Lifestyle, Holidays, Industry News, Minute with the Board, NORM Events, NORM News, Resources, Social Media, and Tips and Tricks.

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ATAP Continues Its Efforts to Increase Patient Access to Affordable Therapies

ATAP strongly supports a mandatory pass-through, as it would directly benefit patients by reducing their costs at the pharmacy counter.

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Treat Your Patients as Customers by Meeting Their Expectations

During his presentation, Cameron M. Cox, President and Chief Executive Officer, MSOC Health, Chapel Hill, NC, discussed the role of patients as customers in healthcare, the innovation of telemedicine, and the importance of online reviews.

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To Bill or Not to Bill: an Infusion Case Study

A National Organization of Rheumatology Managers (NORM) board member received this question from a member of the organization, “This is a query for anyone who is familiar with the billing and coding of infusions.

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How to Make Data Work for Your Practice

This article will discuss some of the ways in which data quality can affect the clinical, administrative, and financial aspects of your practice.

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FDA Commissioner Urges Insurers to Support Biosimilar Competition

Although the FDA does not have a hand in the regulation of drug prices, the safeguarding of access to medications is a crucial factor in the agency’s goal to foster and protect public health.

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Health Is Wealth—Value It!

We often spend our lives wanting what others have and living in a state of inconsistency. If you find yourself doing this, the good news is that I have a solution for you!

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