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Rheumatology Practice Management December 2021 Vol 9 No 1

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telehealth, electronic patient portals, and other electronic modalities increased exponentially, enabling healthcare delivery while reducing patients’ and providers’ risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection. Read More ›

Over the past few decades, individuals have been increasingly turning to social media to seek and share health information. Read More ›

According to survey results presented at ACR Convergence 2021, more than half of patients with rheumatic diseases who contracted the COVID-19 virus reported experiencing prolonged symptoms for 1 month or longer. Read More ›

According to results presented at ACR Convergence 2021, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was not associated with severe disease flares in patients with rheumatic diseases, although certain medications that are used to treat these conditions were associated with a reduction in vaccine-induced humoral responses. Read More ›

The following clinical trials represent a selection of key studies currently recruiting patients with psoriatic arthritis for inclusion in investigations of new therapies and new regimens of existing treatments for the disease. Each clinical trial description includes the NLM Identifier to be used as a reference with ClinicalTrials.gov. Read More ›