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Urology Practice Management - October 2015, Vol 4, No 5

Revenue Management Requires Ongoing Monitoring, Education, Adjustment
“No individual raindrop considers itself responsible for the flood. Responsibility, teamwork, and defined processes are the first steps toward improving the billing and collection process.” Read More ›

Increasing Female Urologists: Implications for Urology Practices
It is an exciting and challenging time to be a female urologist, according to information from 3 senior executives of the Society of Women in Urology (SWIU) and other sources. Read More ›

Top 5 Principles for Investment Success
A smart investor needs to fully comprehend how risk is measured and its potential effect on long-term portfolio performance. This article outlines 5 principles of investment management that can increase your chance of success. Read More ›

Researchers have defined an 81-feature molecular signature to identify neuroendocrine prostate cancer—an aggressive and rapidly progressing type of prostate cancer that is increasingly being recognized in patients with advanced disease and signals poor overall survival. Read More ›

The introduction of 2 therapies for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC)—the orally administered abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) and enzalutamide (Xtandi)—has prompt­­ed Leslie Hazel-Fernandez, PhD, Comprehensive Health Insights, Louisville, KY, and colleagues to conduct a qualitative study to evaluate the personal and other factors that influence the use of oral drugs among patients with mCRPC, as well as to gauge caregivers’ and physicians’ experiences with patients who use these oral medications. Read More ›

Urologists who are not part of hospital-owned practices face a “perfect storm” of economic pressures that require effective marketing strategies to maintain competitiveness, a medical marketing and advertising specialist advised attendees at the 2015 American Urological Association annual meeting. Read More ›

The move toward a value-based payment system will reward providers for resource utilization tied to superior outcomes and will encourage directing low- and moderate-risk patients to advanced practice providers (APPs), according to Rick Rutherford, CMPE, CHA, Director of Practice Management for the American Urological Association (AUA). Read More ›

In recent years, according to the FDA, testosterone agents are increasingly used for older men for what the FDA calls “age-related hypogonadism.” Late last year, the FDA discussed this issue and the increasing evidence for increased risk for cardiovascular disease associated with testosterone therapy. Read More ›

Now that ICD-10 has become a reality, oncology practices are still going to face uncertain income, unready payers, delays in payment, and possible take-backs of paid monies following audits after the fact. Read More ›